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2015 NCHV Awards - Public Policy Award presented to Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Public Policy Award - Mayor Mitch Landrieu

The Public Policy Award goes to an elected official who has taken on a leadership role in creating or changing policies to support efforts to end veteran homelessness. This year we present the Public Policy Award to Mayor Mitch Landrieu for taking the Mayors Challenge to heart and declaring and implementing a plan to end veteran homelessness in New Orleans an entire year before the typical Mayors Challenge 2015 deadline. Under his guidance, agencies across the city threw out convention, ego, and protocol to make real change in the lives of veterans. They embraced the challenge and the call to action, far exceeding the city’s original goal of housing 227 homeless veterans. The example set by Mayor Landrieu shows that every partner has a role to play and local leadership can make real change in the lives of veterans.

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