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Connecticut Becomes First State to End Chronic Veteran Homelessness

Earlier today, Governor Dan Malloy announced that Connecticut has become the first state in the country to end chronic homelessness among veterans. This landmark announcement marks another milestone in the campaign to end veteran homelessness nationwide. With towns, cities, and states coordinating efforts across the board to identify and house homeless veterans, the United States as a whole has become a truly national coalition for homeless veterans.

"We have set a high bar - and with today's announcement, we're on our way to achieving it. We are truly a national leader on these issues, because our veterans deserve access to housing, quality health care, education, and career opportunities.  It's our obligation to deliver for them, and that's just what we're doing as a state," Governor Malloy said. "We established this bold goal to end homelessness among our veterans not because it's good for our economy and makes communities stronger, but because it's morally right.  Ending chronic veteran homelessness is just another step forward and another marker of progress towards reaching our goal of ending all veteran homelessness by the end of this year."

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald was on hand for Governor Malloy's announcement, stating "President Obama has made a bold goal to end veteran homelessness by the end of this year, and states and cities across the country are committed to making sure every Veteran has a safe and stable place to call home.  Here in Connecticut, you've responded to that challenge by helping the most vulnerable homeless veterans find permanent housing. Americans understand and believe, as I do, that no one who has fought for this country should have to fight to keep a roof over their head. This progress would not be possible without the partnerships that have been built here in Connecticut and across the nation; partnerships across the federal government, with state and local governments, with non-profit organizations and with the private sector. This is not a static challenge; it is an ongoing challenge and we will keep at it because that is what the men and women who have served our nation have earned and deserve."

The work does not end here for Connecticut, nor does reaching their goal of ending all veteran homelessness by the end of 2015. Each state, city, and town that ends veteran homelessness must be vigilant in continuing to collaborate and provide the resources necessary to maintain functional zero. The remarkable urgency surrounding this issue must continue to ensure that our nation never faces a homeless veteran crisis again.

NCHV congratulates Connecticut on this wonderful announcement, and encourages the rest of the nation to follow this example and remain committed to ending, and preventing, veteran homelessness in our country.

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