National Coalition of Homeless Veterans
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NCHV offers members a number of benefits based on their level of commitment. By joining NCHV, you gain access to the latest news, resources, funding opportunities, and training focused on ending veteran homelessness. You also become a part of the inner circle of individuals and organizations working to end veteran homelessness in the United States.
Networking opportunities and discounts for the NCHV Annual Conference and other events help you to expand your knowledge and expertise to end veteran homelessness in your community. Your membership also helps to support our work to supply these benefits, to educate Congress and the Federal agencies on issues pertaining to veteran homelessness, and to continue to expand and improve all of our efforts to help service providers across the country end veteran homelessness.

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Membership Benefits

Membership and Sponsorship Fee Structure

Annual dues are: 

• $40 for Student Members currently enrolled in school.

• $100 for Individual Members.

• $600 for Organization Members, including nonprofit, for-profit, and government agencies.

• $1,000 for Sustaining Partners.

• $5,000 for Premier Partners.

• $10,000 for Founders Circle.

(Call 202-546-1969 for a three-year membership/sponsorship to receive the three-year discount.)

1730 M Street NW, Suite 705  |  Washington, DC  |  20036  |  t-f. 1.800.VET.HELP  |  v. 202.546.1969  |  f. 202.546.2063  |