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Philadelphia Latest Major U.S. City to Functionally End Veteran Homelessness

Dec. 21, 2015

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden wrote an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer to recognize the city's accomplishment in functionally ending veteran homelessness. Philadelphia has identified each individual veteran experiencing homelessness in the city and worked with them to place them in appropriate and permanent housing options. This is not an end to the city's efforts to serve veterans who experience homelessness, as reaching functional zero also signifies that Philadelphia has a safety net in place to identify and house veterans who may experience homelessness in the future.

Philadelphia joins Houston, Mobile, Syracuse, Las Vegas, and New Orleans — as well as the entire state of Virginia — in reaching this base level that ensures any veteran in crisis will not need to wind up on the street. The announcement shows the effectiveness of coordinated efforts that communities across the country are making to end veteran homelessness in every town, city, and state in the nation.

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