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USICH Releases First Ever National Research Agenda

Nov. 8, 2012

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) has released the first ever National Research Agenda: Priorities for Advancing Our Understanding of Homelessness. Meeting the goals outlined in Opening Doors requires targeted investments in proven solutions. As we strive to expand and strengthen our knowledge base, there are still many areas where research is needed to inform the policy-making process as well as to better understand best practices in the field. The USICH National Research Agenda outlines priority areas where Federal, local, and private investments should be made in additional research. A robust research base enables the furthering of best practices for all those working to end homelessness, and is a key element in changing the way our nation takes action. Setting forth a National Research Agenda, USICH hopes to catalyze researchers, policy professionals, and national, state, and local leaders to improve how we respond to the crisis of homelessness.

The agenda is informed by an extensive review of published studies and research currently underway, as well as key policy areas such as the Federal Framework for Ending Youth Homelessness, the transition from a shelter-based homeless system to a prevention and rapid re-housing system, community integration of people with disabilities under Olmstead settlements, and the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

The Agenda is focused on work in eight domains:

  •     Affordable and supportive housing
  •     Cost offsets/Cost-effectiveness
  •     Homeless crisis response
  •     Homeless prevalence and risk and protective factors
  •     Improving health, well-being, and stability
  •     Justice linkages
  •     Accessing mainstream benefits
  •     Pathways to employment

USICH hopes that both funders and researchers will use this agenda to guide their choices about future investments in research, and that communities will think about ways to further their evaluation efforts to share their successful work with others.

To view the National Research Agenda: Priorities for Advancing Our Understanding of Homelessness, click here.

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