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Briefing Papers

The Corporate Connection provides the following briefing papers for assistance to community and faith-based organizations, government agencies, corporate partners and the homeless veterans they serve. These targeted briefs provide background and discuss various strategies and tactics agencies, organizations, and businesses can utilize in helping end veteran homelessness by 2015.

These briefing papers will be published at various time intervals.

Making the Business Case: Supporting Homeless Veterans to Improve Your Bottom Line
Joining the campaign to end veteran homelessness will start your business on a worthy endeavor to support our nation’s heroes. In addition, you will discover that veterans bring unique assets that will help your business grow in quantitative as well as qualitative measures.

Download the Making the Business Case (PDF).

Corporate Connection 101: Support Your Business’s Bottom Line and Our Veterans
This one-pager briefly summarizes the components of the Corporate Connection and what the portal and our consulting services can offer your business and organization. 

Download the Corporate Connection 101 (PDF).

Best Practices for HVRP Grantees: Housing Services

One of the core services to help organizations reach employment goals is access to appropriate and progressive housing alternatives that meet the needs of the veteran. HVRP grantees recognize the reciprocal, beneficial relationship between employment and housing for veterans participating in their programs. Participants must have access to affordable housing that meets their specific needs, and grantees meet this need by staying informed of all opportunities and changes in housing resources from VA, other agencies, and the philanthropy community. This guide provides best practices in providing housing services to HVRP participants.

Download the Best Practices for HVRP Grantees: Housing Services (PDF).

BLS Employment Situation of Veterans - 2012

  • Quick Takeaways
    • 21.2 million veterans ages 18 and over in 2012
    • Approximately 35 percent of Gulf War era II veterans reported that they had served in Iraq, Afghanistan, or both. These veterans had an unemployment rate of 10.9 percent, not statistically different from Gulf War era II veterans who served elsewhere (11.3 percent).
    • About 3 million veterans, or 14 percent of the total, had a service-connected disability.
    • 9.9 percent unemployment for Gulf War era II veterans
    • 20.4 percent unemployment for ages 20-24 veterans, compared to 15.0 percent for nonveterans
    • 8.3 percent unemployment for all female veterans, compared to 7.7 percent for female nonveterans

Download the BLS Employment Situation of Veterans - 2012 (PDF).

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