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TA Center

The National Veterans Technical Assistance Center (NVTAC) is a collaboration between Advocates for Human Potential and NCHV funded by DOL-VETS for Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program (HVRP) grantees.  Visit the NVTAC homepage here. Continue on this page for NCHV’s TA Center resources and offerings.

The TA Center has two primary objectives: To provide comprehensive, informed services to nonprofits, employers, Veteran Service Organizations, and federal, state, and local government agency partners that cooperate to meet the objectives of the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP); and to serve as a critical liaison between the government program leadership and grantees to ensure timely and thorough communication of informations.

Who We Are

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) began at a Department of Labor conference in 1990. From the beginning, NCHV took ownership over its pivotal role in ending veteran homelessness. The community organizations we represent needed a better way to connect with the government partners charged with executing homeless veteran grant programs. We fulfilled the need for a feedback conduit between the service providers creating change and the agencies driving funding. 

The NCHV Technical Assistance Center (TA Center) grew from this foundational relationship, setting in place the mechanism for training and education for homeless veteran service providers engaged in comprehensive, veteran-centric services. Our sole mission is supporting partners in the community, philanthropy, business, and all levels of government.

Our partners build services systems… we help them strengthen funding and programmatic foundations.

They rely on other agencies… we help them open up, strengthen, and formalize these community networks.

They meet homeless veterans where they are… we provide resources so they can rapidly adapt to emerging needs.

Who We Serve

Program staff members have limited time for training, and varied levels of experience and background. All TA Center products are designed so they are easily digestible and translated into action-oriented guidance. Our TA staff tailors training to meet the technology and program expertise of your team.

Organizational leadership must stay connected locally and continue to be informed by national trends. Our team rapidly disseminates information and guidance on emerging strategies, best practices, and program changes.

Employers want to hire veterans, but often do not know where to look. NCHV’s network of over 2,100 community organizations can connect them to pre-screened, qualified candidates.

Federal, state, and local government employees are tasked with implementing large government programs to end veteran homelessness. We offer insight on how these programs can best address the needs on the local level and help communicate changes to the provider community.

What We Do

Resources for HVRP Grantees ONLY
In February 2014, DOL-VETS announced that the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) and Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) were awarded Cooperative Agreements to provide technical assistance for HVRP. The Cooperative Agreement will support NCHV’s Technical Assistance Center (TA Center), the training and resource hub within NCHV.

Map of PY 2014 HVRP Grantees



Through this partnership, the TA Center is able to offer HVRP grantees the following resources:

Fact Sheets, Guides, and Resources: The TA Center has several resources for you, and many more are on the way! These include fact sheets, guidebooks, and manuals to help you develop programs, as well as brief summaries of current research articles.

Best PracticesNCHV’s Technical Assistance Center brings you the most comprehensive and layered insight into HVRP best practices for outreach, intake, assessment, employment placement, retention and follow-up for homeless veterans. This project includes a series of resources, including the HVRP Best Practices Project, program briefs on housing, employment, and serving female veterans, and the “At Your Service” Best Practices video series.

Communities of Practice: Your most reliable sources of information for your programs are often other grantees, your DOL-VETS staff liaisons, and your TA providers. The TA Center’s Communities of Practice (CoP) around specific issues allow you to engage with and learn from each other. These 45-minute HVRP-only calls are held at 2:00 p.m. EDT on the first Wednesday of every month.

  • HVRP GRANTEE STAFF MEMBERS ONLY: To receive call-in information, ask questions, share resources with other grantees, email
  • For notes from previous CoP calls, e-mail

Training Webinars: The TA Center’s webinar trainings bring experts from across agencies and service networks to showcase how your HVRP can better leverage community resources. Topics vary depending on service needs identified by grantees. These 60-minute training webinars occur on the second and fourth Thursday of every month; request a schedule today.

On-site and conference call program consults: Could your program use some additional training? Call us and we can determine together how best to train your team on the topics most critical to you. We can also participate in Post Award Meetings, on request of your GOTR, DVET, or RAVET. Here are a few of the training topics we can cover:

  • Outreach, Intake, and Assessment
  • Job-Driven Training
  • Placement and Employer Relationships
  • Special populations
  • Coordinated Service Networks
  • Case Management

Discounts on special training at the NCHV Annual Conference: Do you want to learn more about assessment tools, retention best practices, supported employment, and other concrete tools to improve efficiency of performance? NCHV offers a special rate for HVRP grantee staff members who register for specialized HVRP workshops. This Conference is held every May. 

Training on advanced employment interventions for veterans with serious barriers to employment: Does your organization work with veterans with significant barriers to employment, including serious mental illness, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders? Through a partnership with Dartmouth’s Psychiatric Research Center, NCHV’s TA Center is able to offer you training on IPS Supported Employment. Space in these online trainings is limited. 

What You Can Do Now

Call us! Tell us about your program and what you need. We want to know your services and your needs so we can better refer people to you. Did you know NCHV receives thousands of calls each year from veterans, families, new partners, and funders? Help us connect them to you. Do you have new staff members? We can help with on-boarding training materials. Is your organization weighing the pros/cons of applying for a new HVRP grant? Contact NCHV’s TA Director, Cindy Borden at

Make sure we have your contact information. We regularly send out notices specific to HVRP grantees, but we need to have your information to ensure you receive these notices! E-mail to make sure we have the right e-mail addresses for your team.

Sign up for the NCHV e-newsletter: Be the first to receive announcements for grant opportunities, trainings, workshops, and new resources. You can sign up for the e-newsletter by going to and clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Read our newsletters: The print newsletter will come to you every other month, and an e-newsletter will come to you every month. The TA Center Report section will always include information for you, the HVRP grantee, on new trainings and resources that impact your programs. The newsletters often highlights grantees services and will include several pages dedicated to resources from DOL-VETS.

Register your Stand Down: NCHV maintains the national registry for Stand Down events. By registering your Stand Down with NCHV, you will be added to our website and provided with access to our training materials on Stand Down development and funding. To register visit the Stand Down page, or contact Phillip Stringfield at

Budget for the NCHV Annual Conference. The NCHV Annual Conference is focused on assisting service providers bring the latest strategies and resources to help homeless veterans back to their communities. Each year, the Conference features an entire track devoted to employment, training, and income. In addition, it offers training sessions on removing legal barriers, facilitating access to affordable housing, improving data collection, and meeting emerging unmet needs. Be sure to make this event a priority to take part in the top level training as well as networking with your HVRP grantee peers. Information about the NCHV Annual Conference is always available here.

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