At NCHV, our dedication to enhancing support for veterans and their families remains unwavering. To further this commitment, hosted a webinar series titled “Optimizing Internal Operations to Better Serve Veterans.

Throughout this enlightening series, we explored essential topics designed to empower organizations and help them elevate their internal operations, ultimately leading to more effective assistance for veterans and their communities. The series comprises four impactful webinars, each addressing key aspects of operational improvement

Webinar 1: Staffing Challenges – Entry and Retention
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Speakers: Donald Whitehead, Executive Director, NCH | Dr. Nikola Alenkin, Social Worker/Independent Researcher | Nichole Dubois, Senior Analyst, NAEH
In the first installment of our series, we will tackle one of the most pressing issues organizations face – staffing challenges. Finding and retaining dedicated staff members is essential for any mission-driven organization. Our experts will share insights on how to attract the right talent, onboard effectively, and retain your team members.

Webinar 2: Fundraising Strategies – Leveraging Grants and Networks
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Speakers: Colleen Murakami, Chief Development Officer, Swords to Plowshares | Kate Paolino, Vice President of Marketing and Development, Alston Wilkes Society
Sustainable funding is crucial for the success of any veterans’ initiative. During this webinar, we will explore effective fundraising strategies, including the art of securing grants and leveraging your network connections. Discover how to ensure your organization has the resources it needs to make a lasting impact.

Webinar 3: Setting Standards – Establishing Systems for Quality Assurance and Compliance
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Speakers: Antoinette Fields, Community Relations and SSVF Compliance Manager, HOPE Atlanta | Garrett Bollinger, Director of Performance Monitoring and Evaluations, The New England Center and Home for Veterans
Setting and maintaining high standards for your programs is a must. Join us in this webinar to gain insights into establishing systems that ensure the utmost quality assurance and compliance within your organization. Learn how to create a culture of excellence that benefits veterans and stakeholders alike.

Webinar 4: Reimagining Strategic Partnerships – Roadmaps to Forming Partnerships
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Speakers: Kurt Schake, Executive Director, Veterans Transition Center | Diandra Gourlay, VP of Social Services at Volunteers of American-Michigan
Strategic partnerships can amplify your impact in the veteran community. In our final webinar, we’ll discuss innovative approaches to forming these vital partnerships. Explore roadmaps that will guide you in building relationships that will benefit both your organization and the veterans you serve.