A Guide for Grant and Per Diem Providers and other transitional housing operators

Strategic change can be tough for established programs, however; change is sometimes necessary to provide the highest levels of service to veterans in our communities. Grant and Per Diem providers have long been a part of the fabric of a community response to veteran homelessness.  As the program changes, some providers may receive less funding or opt-out of the program entirely.  This guide, developed by CSH for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and funded through the generosity of The Home Depot Foundation, offers guidance on the options providers can pursue to ensure that they address the needs of veterans they are currently serving and strategically transition their remaining resources to a programmatic structure that fits in with their community’s plan to address the needs of veterans who are experiencing homelessness and/or have low incomes.

The guide is written for providers and walks through key considerations for making changes to programs, three scenarios that a current GPD provider may be facing, and recommendations for how to move forward in each. The guide concludes with a list of resources that will help providers create and implement a transition plan for each program.

Click here to download the guide.