In 2024, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) launches the webinar series titled “Changing the narrative about veteran homelessness.” Since 2021, NCHV, has produced insightful, educational and timely webinars, sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation. Each webinar in this series is meticulously designed to tackle different facets of homelessness, from shaping the media narrative to empowering homeless voters, ensuring a comprehensive approach to advocacy and support.

1. Shaping the Media Narrative| April 24 2024, 3pm | Register Here

The series begins with a critical look at how homelessness is portrayed in the media. Misinformation and stigma significantly affect public perception, creating barriers to the support and understanding necessary to address the issue. With Marisol Bello, Executive Director of the Housing Narrative Lab, this session will delve into strategies for crafting compelling stories, engaging with journalists, and strengthening communication efforts to challenge misconceptions and highlight the realities of veteran homelessness.

2. Organizing Candidate Forums | June TBD |

Understanding the pivotal role of leadership in combating homelessness, the second webinar focuses on bridging the gap between candidates and constituents. This session will explore how non-profit organizations, while remaining non-partisan, can facilitate candidate forums to foreground homelessness as a critical issue. By doing so, they play a crucial role in informing voters and encouraging political support for initiatives aimed at solving veteran homelessness.

3. Empowering Homeless Voters from Disenfranchisement | July | TBD

The third installment addresses the systemic barriers that disenfranchise homeless voters, a group whose voices are crucial yet severely underrepresented in the electoral process. Drawing on research from the University of Southern California, the webinar will discuss strategies for voter registration outreach, aiming to empower homeless individuals through participation in democracy. This session is pivotal for service providers and advocates, providing them with the tools to support and mobilize one of the most marginalized groups in the election year.

4. Amplifying Personal Stories of Homelessness | August | TBD

Concluding the series is a powerful session dedicated to the stories of veterans who have experienced homelessness firsthand. Recognizing that personal narratives are essential for understanding and addressing the issue, this webinar focuses on giving veterans a platform to share their experiences. These stories not only inform the work of service providers and advocates but also play a vital role in changing public perception and narrative around veteran homelessness.

The NCHV’s 2024 webinar series “Elevating the Voices of Homeless Veterans” promises to be a beacon of hope and action in the fight against veteran homelessness. By addressing the issue from multiple angles—media portrayal, political support, voter empowerment, and personal storytelling—this series aims to foster a deeper understanding of homelessness, encourage proactive engagement, and ultimately, drive significant change. We invite you to join us in this crucial conversation, as we work together to uplift the voices that need to be heard the most. Together, we can challenge misconceptions, inspire action, and move closer to a future where no veteran is left without a home.

To register for a webinar in the series visit our 2024 Webinars Page.