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Organizational Publicity

86,000 monthly website hits

7,000 recipients of monthly e-newsletter

Organizational Reach

518 members or membership organizations in 49 states plus DC and Puerto Rico (as of January 2014)

2,100 organizations in network

Annual Conference in Washington D.C.

Organizational Expertise

23 years of experience

Support and training for employee and skills-based volunteering programs

Develop product donation program

Assist in homeless veterans’ hiring initiative

It has never been easier to connect your business to our network and to join us in the campaign to end veteran homelessness.

This section presents firsthand accounts of success stories from veterans and businesses, information on benefits to your organization to help join us in the campaign, and further resources to help personalize your solution to address veteran homelessness.

From employee volunteer programs, donation of excess inventory, to providing your expertise to a local organization, every business can help.

Furthermore, the unique talents, skills, integrity, and leadership that veterans will bring to your workforce can help ensure future success.

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Volunteering and Donations

Veterans Hiring Initiative

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