Special Population Series: Employment Services for Aging Veterans

The National Veterans Technical Assistance Center (NVTAC) hosted a webinar, “Special Population Series: Employment Services for Aging Veterans” on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 2:00 pm ET.

Older veterans, generally considered those age 50 or above, are one of the largest subpopulations of veterans experiencing homelessness. For many of these veterans, competitive employment is the key to housing stability and quality of life. Unfortunately, while the overall participation rate of older workers in the labor force has increased over the last several years, that trend does not extend to older veterans. The webinar explored the reasons for this disparity, including stereotypes and employment barriers, and discussed strategies that address the unique characteristics of aging veterans.

The webinar featured Carol Salter, Assistance Vice President of Workforce Solutions and National Director, SCSEP for Easter Seals, and HVRP grantee staff as guest speakers.

Download the webinar powerpoint presentation here.

Download the webinar handouts here.