The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) is delighted to unveil its latest report, The Housing Needs of Aging Veterans.” This comprehensive study represents the culmination of a year-long project aimed at gaining profound insights into the current landscape, identifying barriers, exploring innovative practices, and charting a course forward to better serve our aging veterans.

The research process involved a multifaceted approach, including a thorough literature review, interviews with key stakeholders, a survey of veteran service providers, and facilitated focus groups with both veterans and service providers. This holistic methodology allowed NCHV to gather diverse perspectives and compile a robust understanding of the challenges and opportunities in meeting the housing needs of aging veterans.

The report delves into key themes, promising practices, and recommendations derived from the collected data. It sheds light on the nuanced issues that aging veterans face in securing stable housing, providing valuable insights to inform future initiatives and policies. The findings are a testament to the dedication and collaborative efforts invested by NCHV in addressing this critical issue.

Listening Session: To engage with the community and ensure a broader conversation, NCHV is hosting a Listening Session on Wednesday, April 3, from 2:00 – 3:15 pm. During this session, NCHV will share the report’s key takeaways, discuss promising practices, and present recommendations. Importantly, the floor will then be opened to participants, encouraging them to share their experiences working with aging veterans. This interactive session aims to enrich the ongoing dialogue and inform NCHV’s future endeavors. Click here to Register for the Listening Session

Over the next four weeks, NCHV will be sharing key themes from the report, providing a sneak peek into the valuable insights awaiting participants at the Listening Session. For those interested in delving into the full report, it can be accessed here.

To actively contribute to the conversation, mark your calendars for April 3rd, and join the Listening Session by clicking here.

NCHV extends heartfelt gratitude to the National Equity Fund (NEF) and the Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc. (TAC) for their generous support throughout this project. Their commitment has been instrumental in driving this research forward and underscores the collective responsibility to address the housing needs of aging veterans.

In conclusion, the release of this report marks a significant step towards a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by aging veterans in securing housing. NCHV looks forward to the collaborative engagement of stakeholders, service providers, and the community at large to ensure a brighter future for our deserving veterans.

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