Our focus for this season? Solidarity as a critical piece of the puzzle in our effort to end veteran homelessness. Throughout history, individuals facing mutual challenges have come together, pooling their resources to find solutions that strengthen their communities and empower them to overcome obstacles. This spirit of togetherness is vividly reflected in the housing space, where communities unite under the principles of preserving affordable homes for generations, and tenants build connections to support one another. The key message is clear: Ending veteran homelessness is a collective effort. It’s time for all of us, to identify common goals, and create a path forward that genuinely works for our most vulnerable veterans.

We appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to having you join us for future discussions on The Road Home podcast!

Episode 1 | Solidarity
Guest: Chul Gugich, Principal at LeSar Development Consultants (LDC)
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Episode 2 | Community Land Trust
Guest: Sandy Bishop, the Executive Director of Lopez Community Land Trust
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Episode 3 | Cooperative Housing
Guest: Fred Gibbs, President of the National Association for Housing Cooperatives
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Episode 4 | Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing
Guest: Julie Creamer, the VP of Acquisition at Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)
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Episode 5 | Shared Housing
Guest: Louise Rothschild, Senior Associate at Abt Associates, and Annamarie Pluhar, President of Sharing Housing Inc. Together
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Episode 6 | Tenant Organizing
Guest: Mindy Woods, Housing and Homeless Advocate from the Resident Action Project, Brooke Schipporeit, Manager of Field Organizing at the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
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Episode 7 | Community Informed Development
Guest: Scott Kratz, Vice President of Building Bridges Across the River (BBAR)
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Episode 8 | Solidarity In Action
Guest: Fernando Lemos, Executive Director of Mi Casa,
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