June 19, 2013

In recent years, the percentage of veterans who report having service-connected disabilities (i.e., disabilities that were incurred in, or aggravated during, military service) has risen. About twenty-five percent of recent veterans report having a service-connected disability, as compared to about thirteen percent of all veterans. Common injuries experienced by veterans include missing limbs, spinal cord injuries, burns, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), hearing loss, traumatic brain injuries, and other impairments.

The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission has produces a guide, “Understanding Your Employment Rights Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): A Guide for Veterans,” which is intended to answer questions veterans may have about their rights as an injured veteran, now that they have left the service and are returning to a civilian job or seeking a new job. It also explains the kinds of adjustments (called reasonable accommodations) that may help veterans be successful in the workplace.

For more information and to view the guide, click here.