2021 Best Practices Webinar Series

Topics discussed: Landlords, Partnerships & Leaseups, Partnering with your Public Housing Authority, Opportunities for New Affordable Housing Development

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2022 Webinar Series

Over the past decade, substantial strides have been taken to diminish veteran homelessness across the nation. Concurrently, a more nuanced comprehension has emerged, highlighting persistent gaps within specific demographic groups. Amidst this evolving landscape, a clear imperative has surfaced: the need for a more adept application of equity within the homeless service system and affordable housing development practices. In 2022, NCHV hosted a quarterly webinar series focusing on equity, addressing the imperative to foster fairness and inclusivity in our collective efforts to end veteran homelessness.

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2023 Webinar Series

At NCHV, our dedication to enhancing support for veterans and their families remains unwavering. To further this commitment, hosted a webinar series titled “Optimizing Internal Operations to Better Serve Veterans.

Throughout this enlightening series, we explored essential topics designed to empower organizations and help them elevate their internal operations, ultimately leading to more effective assistance for veterans and their communities. The series comprises four impactful webinars, each addressing key aspects of operational improvement.

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Maximizing Capital Grant Opportunities for existing GPD Providers
In the beginning of 2021, the Department of Veterans Affair’s Grant and Per Diem Program is offered a unique Capital Grant opportunity to support existing providers in efforts to reconfigure their facilities that serve veterans. To assist providers with this funding opportunity NCHV held a webinar. During this webinar providers and community partners were given a brief overview of this opportunity and received info on ways to contextualize the funding opportunity amidst the broader landscape of services nationally. Attendees were also able to get answers to questions about how the opportunity might impact their program and veterans in their community. View the slides here. Watch the video below.