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Quarterly Housing Webinars
Each Quarter, NCHV hosts an online event for our members and network where they can learn about national best practices in housing. The webinars will cover various topics in housing and also offer opportunities for discussion and sharing.

Landlords Partnerships & Leaseups
In this webinar, we will discuss the basics of forming these relationships, how to maximize housing opportunities for veterans in your community, how to utilize various affordable housing programs to house veterans and ways to lease clients with multiple barriers to housing.
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Partnering with your Public Housing Authority
This webinar will cover existing opportunities for affordable housing development, funding and development ideas brought on by COVID-19, and new potential ideas for partnership. This webinar will also share stories of advocacy, and where to find opportunities in our own communities for greater commitment to veteran housing needs.
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Opportunities for New Affordable Housing Development
This webinar discusses opportunities for affordable housing development, share advocacy stories, and discuss where to find opportunities in your community.
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This webinar challenges some of the misconceptions the public might have about affordable housing, and discusses why we all should be advocating for more of this type of housing intervention, and gives examples of communities that are promoting affordable housing.
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Maximizing Capital Grant Opportunities for existing GPD Providers
In the beginning of 20201, the Department of Veterans Afffairs’ Grant and Per Diem Program is offered a unique Capital Grant opportunity to support existing providers in efforts to reconfigure their facilities that serve veterans. To assist providers with this funding opportunity NCHV held a webinar. During this webinar providers and community partners were given a brief overview of this opportunity and received info on ways to contextualize the funding opportunity amidst the broader landscape of services nationally. Attendees were also able to get answers to questions about how the opportunity might impact their program and veterans in their community. View the slides here. Watch the video below.