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Job Seekers

Gordon Burke, Director of Operations, Grants and Transition Programs for DOL-VETS, at the 2010 NCHV Annual Conference.Employment Services for Job Seekers

Use this section to guide your job search efforts. Refer to the following sources in addition to local newspaper job listings to conduct your search, qualify and apply for vocational training and educational programs, and find immediate employment opportunities.

Federal Programs

Department of Defense - Transition Assistance
The Department of Defense offers an Employment Assistance section for transitioning servicemembers and veterans. The site allows you to search for jobs and build your resume, and gives you tip on how to translate your military skills into the civilian world, find jobs in the “hidden job market” through networking and how to improve your interview skills. The site also contains links to other helpful resources including career search engines, career fairs, and employment for military spouses.

Department of Labor - Veterans’ Employment Training Service (DOL-VETS)
The vision statement for DOL-VETS is veterans succeeding in the 21st century workforce. Its mission statement is: "VETS Proudly Serves Veterans and Service Members! We Provide Resources and Expertise to Assist and Prepare Them to Obtain Meaningful Careers, Maximize Their Employment Opportunities, and Protect Their Employment Rights."

Department of Labor - Employment & Training Administration (ETA)
This DOL agency has responsibility for development and administration of training programs and services for the nation’s workforce. ETA is a member of America’s Workforce Network – the nationwide system of workforce organizations that provides information and services to employers, job seekers and employment specialists. Access to programs at state and local levels can be obtained by calling America’s Workforce Network toll-free help line (1-877-US2-JOBS).

Department of Labor - Local Veterans Employment Representatives (LVERs)
LVERs are trained and certified by the National Veterans Training Institute (NVTI) in Denver to help veterans prepare for and secure employment. These employment specialists work closely with government agencies, community-based service organizations, and local employers to identify employment opportunities. VETS supports about 1,300 LVERs in state, municipal and county employment offices nationwide. To find the LVER serving your area, call your state employment office or contact VETS via the hyperlink above.

Department of Labor - Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialists (DVOP)
Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) specialists develop job and training opportunities for veterans, with special emphasis on veterans with service-connected disabilities. DVOP specialists provide direct services to veterans enabling them to be competitive in the labor market. They provide outreach and offer assistance to disabled and other veterans by promoting community and employer support for employment and training opportunities, including apprenticeship and on-the-job training.

DVOP specialists work with employers, veterans' organizations, the Department of Veterans' Affairs and Defense, and community-based organizations to link veterans with appropriate jobs and training opportunities. DVOP specialists serve as case managers for veterans enrolled in federally-funded job training programs such as the Department of Veterans Affairs' Vocational Rehabilitation program, and other veterans with serious disadvantages in the job market. DVOP specialists are available to those veterans and their employers to help ensure that necessary follow up services are provided to promote job retention.

The Department of Labor provides grant funds to each state's employment service to maintain DVOP specialist positions in the state. The staffing formula and current appropriations level support about 1,400 DVOP specialists nationally. DVOP specialists are employees of the state and are generally located in state employment service offices. About one-quarter are stationed full- or part-time in locations other than employment service offices.

DVOP/LVER Locator Tool
Search by city, state, zip code, name or any combination of to find a DVOP/LVER located near you.

My Next Move for Veterans
A simple and quick search engine where veterans enter their prior military experience (branch of service and military occupation code or title) and link to the information they need to explore on civilian careers and related training, including information they can use to write resumes that highlight related civilian skills. In addition, My Next Move for Veterans contains a link to an online assessment, the O*NET Interest Profiler, which provides results comparable to the Strong Interest Inventory being used in the new Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Veterans who have not received an interest assessment as part of TAP can access and take this interest assessment online from a link in the lower right-hand corner of My Next Move for Veterans or directly by clicking here.

Department of Labor - Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP)
ODEP's mission is to provide national leadership on disability employment policy by developing and influencing the use of evidence-based disability employment policies and practices, building collaborative partnerships, and delivering authoritative and credible data on employment of people with disabilities. This resource is designed for planners, employment centers and job seekers.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
The Department of Veterans Affairs' website can help job-seekers prepare resumes, find on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs, and search for job openings by state. VA employment opportunities are also listed. For more information about VA employment assistance services and programs, and for contact information in your area, click here.

Department of Veterans Affairs - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services
VA offers a nationwide employment training program for service connected disabled veterans who qualify for vocational rehabilitation. In addition to employment and educational training programs, these offices can provide eligible disabled veterans with job-specific training and, in some cases, job placement assistance. VA also provides eligible disabled veterans with assistance to obtain assistive technology devices to enhance employment opportunities and promote self-sufficiency.

Department of Veterans Affairs - Compensated Work Therapy (CWT)
CWT is a vocational rehabilitation program that endeavors to match and support work-ready veterans in competitive jobs, and to consult with business and industry regarding their specific employment needs. In some locations CWT is also known as Veterans Industries; these designations are synonymous. Typically CWT programs are located within VA medical centers in most large metropolitan areas and many smaller communities. Review the CWT Locations page to find site specifics.

Department of Veterans Affairs - Veterans Employment Coordination Service
The Department of Veterans Affairs site to encourage hiring of veterans at VA. Veterans Employment and Coordination Service’s mission is to (1) attract, recruit, and hire veterans into VA, particularly severely injured veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, (2) help ensure that managers and supervisors are thoroughly aware of special authorities to hire veterans, and (3) open opportunities to veteran employment and ensure that veterans are able to successfully enter VA’s workforce.
This government-wide veterans employment website is a critical component of the federal government's strategy for the recruitment and employment of veterans. Veterans, transitioning service members and their families will find this site to be full of resources and information that can assist in finding a federal career.

Social Security Administration (SSA)
SSA provides supplemental security and disability income to disabled Americans, regardless of veteran status, and administers a national services network designed to help disabled people return to the workforce without losing the disability and health care benefits to which they are entitled. The agency has a comprehensive website that guides employment specialists and job seekers through descriptions of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other benefits; employment assistance programs for disabled workers, including the national “Ticket to Work” program; online SSA benefits applications; and local employment contacts and services. You can also download the Social Security Red Book, a valuable resource for employment specialists working with disabled people trying to re-enter the workforce.

Small Business Administration - Office of Veterans Business Development
The mission of the Office of Veterans Business Development is to maximize the availability, applicability and usability of all administration small business programs for veterans, service-disabled veterans, Reserve Component members, and their dependents or survivors. This site contains information about the Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative, the Veterans Business Outreach Program, and contact information for regional Veterans Business Development Officers.

SBA New Patriot Express Loan Initiative
The Patriot Express Loan Program is available to military community members including veterans, service-disabled veterans, active-duty service members participating in the military’s Transition Assistance Program, Reservists and National Guard members, current spouses of any of the above, and the widowed spouse of a service member or veteran who died during service or of a service-connected disability. The loan can be used for most business purposes including start-up, expansion, equipment purchases, working capital, inventory, or business-occupied real-estate purchases.

Loans are available up to $500,000 and qualify for SBA’s maximum guaranty of up to 85 percent for loans of $150,000 or less and up to 75 percent for loans over $150,000 up to $500,000. For loans above $350,000, lenders are required to take all available collateral.

State Employment Offices
Every state government has an employment services and assistance department that provides information and supportive services to job seekers. Although each state is different, most offer comprehensive job listings, veteran-specific assistance programs (usually in partnership with DOL and VA programs), and information about unemployment benefits and training programs. If you have not already done so, search your state’s employment assistance website for services that are offered, application policies, contact information and office locations. On most Internet search engines, simply type in the state name followed by “employment.”

State Offices of Veterans Affairs
Every state has a Director of Veterans Affairs. These offices are not associated with the VA and provide additional assistance to veterans, which may include employment training and job placement services. For contact information in your state, click the above link or look in the blue pages of your local phone book under “State Government, Veterans Affairs.”
A veteran resource information website designed to assist veteran entrepreneurs who want to start and expand their businesses in the federal and private marketplace. This site provides up-to-the-minute information from the federal government as it pertains to service-disabled and veteran-owned small businesses. The site provides several free services to anyone who served in the active military, naval or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

National Resource Directory
The National Resource Directory is an online partnership for wounded, ill and injured service members, veterans, their families and those who support them. The site has a section on employment covering job services, internships, transition assistance, employer resources and employment associations. It also has a wealth of other resources for veterans across the entire spectrum of possible needs.

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Veteran-Specific Employment Resources

Hire Heroes USA Program
The Hire Heroes USA Program in Alpharetta, Georgia, serves as a link to employment opportunities nationwide for veterans returning home. The program provides placement services to wounded veterans returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with any level of disability as determined by VA. To find career resources for the severely injured, visit the Severely Injured Career Center. began in 2005 as a site to help current and transitioning Marines from Camp Pendleton find employment. Today it contains employment opportunities for current, transitioning and former members of all branches of service and from every base in the nation. Users may post their resumes and search for both temporary jobs and careers via the site.
The Veteran Careers page at allows veterans to search for employers looking to hire veterans, build their resumes, network with other veterans, and find out about career fairs. The website contains lots of useful information for any veteran seeking employment including transition assistance and career advice from experienced professionals.
This full-service community offers news bulletins for each branch of service, transition assistance information, instructions for benefits applications, interactive features, and an employment resource that includes employers and job listings for military members and veterans.
The Veterans Corporation is charged with creating and enhancing entrepreneurial business opportunities for veterans, including service-disabled veterans. The website has information about starting and managing a business as well as sections about acquiring capital, becoming bonded and online education workshops.
This comprehensive website allows veterans to search for and apply for employment online. The job bank includes positions available at businesses and agencies nationwide that offer veteran hiring preferences. Also included are a sections on security clearances and how to prepare a resume and perform well during the interview process.
VetJobs is an excellent resource for candidates in information technology, program and project management, sales, linguists, logistics, transportation, human resources, manufacturing, engineering, finance, healthcare, accounting and senior executives. The job board is ideal not only for the transitioning military member, but also for the highly qualified men and women who are veterans that have separated over the decades and are now productive members of the civilian workforce in all disciplines.
This local employment site for job seekers and employers offers the following tools for veterans to manage their career search: a job database, career email notifiers, a resume database and distribution, a career event calendar and a continuing education guide.

Veterans Today
This site is updated regularly with career news, job fairs, resume services, transition resources, and features a Career Center with job search and resume posting functions.

Helmets to Hardhats
The Helmets to Hardhats program connects former military personnel with career opportunities in the construction trades nationwide. Candidates can access information about careers via the Helmets to Hardhats website. The profile they complete helps communicate to hiring managers the transferable skills they acquired during their military service.

A nationwide, full-service, military-to-civilian recruiting firm. The site offers job search, career fair information, transition resources, job resources and resources for military spouses.

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Other Employment Resources 

America’s Career InfoNet
America’s Career InfoNet (ACINet) helps people make better, more informed career decisions. It is ideal for job seekers, employers, human resource specialists and workforce development specialists. From learning about typical wages and employment trends to checking education, knowledge, skills and abilities against requirements for most occupations, this site is your source to the most extensive set of career resources available online.

America’s Service Locator
America’s Service Locator (ASL) allows the customer to find the nearest location delivering valuable job, career and training assistance and information. The customer can print a map that shows the point-to-point directions for the selected service providers. Quickly and effectively connecting customers to America's Workforce Network’s services – from a broad national level down to local One-Stop offices or other service providers – is the top priority of ASL.

Job search site with over 23 million unique visitors per month, putting over 1 million jobs in front of poised job-seekers in print and on the Internet.

CareerOneStop, formerly known as America’s Career Kit, is a DOL-sponsored suite of web-based applications. The CareerOneStop portal provides easy access to the features and tools of America’s Job Bank, Career InfoNet and Service Locator. It organizes the information on these websites and offers additional career-related resources as well.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
JAN, one of several services provided by DOL's Office of Disability Employment Policy, is the leading source of free, expert and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. Working toward practical solutions that benefit both employer and employee, JAN helps people with disabilities enhance their employability.
Provides comprehensive employment services including job listings by state, online application capabilities, and information on state benefits for job seekers.
One of the leading search engines, allows users to search a job database, post resumes and create profiles. This information is accessible to employers who can search for potential employees.

The federal government's official one-stop source for federal jobs and employment information. Create an account to build and store up to five resumes, save and automate job searches, and apply for jobs.

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